About Save Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Guangdong Save Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer in China, trusted for our supply of advanced aluminum quenching equipment, often used as auxiliary machinery for extrusion presses in aluminum factories. Our production capacity reaches nearly 6,000 tons, ensuring customers will receive the right product for their needs in a timely manner. Not only do we offer high quality equipment, but we offer a full range of additional services, and our own equipment design. Come visit us today, and let us help you outfit your aluminum extrusion processing factory. Details

Complete Production Line
  • Billet Furnace

  • Extrusion Press

  • Guide Roll

  • Quenching System

  • Double Puller

  • Run Out Table

  • Cooling Table

  • Chips Collector

  • Basket Stacking System

  • Saw Gauge Table

  • Finish Saw

  • Storage Table

  • Stretcher

  • Die Oven

The aluminum quenching system designed by us here at Save solves the problem of poor flatness tolerance, poor dimension tolerance, coarse grain and low strength of the industrial aluminum profiles in the production process.
The hydraulic guide roll is installed at the extrusion press exit. Consisting of 4 rollers in four sides, the guide roll is used to adjust the extruded profile according to the cross section and draw the profile in a straight manner.
This automatic stacking line is a basket stacking system with the clamping arms hung on a walking crane. Walking on the linear pass line, the system is equipped with an automatic lubricating device to improve the maintenance cycle and walking precision.