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    Quality control
    1. Stringently control the quality of raw materials entering the factory as well as of the finished products.
    2. Precisely process each part of equipment. The use of precision automated processing equipment ensures the excellent quality of each process.
    3. All raw materials are strictly tested to ensure the high quality of equipment.

    Skills improvement
    1. Enhance the training of engineers.
    2. Depending on the expertise of engineers they are regularly arranged to go out for further study.
    3. Regularly organize technical personnel to observe and learn, so as to comprehensively upgrade the professional skills of the technical team.

  • Quality Control

    Our company has formulated a perfect quality control system, completely covering all aspects of product design, purchase, manufacture, component assembly, commissioning and after-sale service. The quality control department values process inspection and finished product test, and the technicians examine each component, including pipelines, valves, wires etc. one by one during the equipment manufacturing process, through strictly check to ensure that every set of equipment is qualified before leaving factory. The following picture shows the technician in welding and test whether the corresponding size being in accordance with the drawings.